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Alcuni cenni sul sistema di consonanze e differenze tra Benjamin e Adorno

Gabriele Maria Gallina


This article proposes an analysis of the most relevant differences between the two Germans philosophers, Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno.
It seems that the roots of all the divergences between the two philosophers is in a different use of the dialectic. For Adorno, in facts, the dialectic is a way through which you can always show the other side, the opposite, inside every analyzed phenomenon, risking sometimes to become abstracted from the historic moment in question. For Benjamin, the dialectic will be instead that movement to apply, starting from and inside the contemporary historical moment, because this gives relevance every time to a certain phenomenon instead of others. The goal will be a dialogue with an infernal present and, once we have found out a way to escape it’s possible to set free from it. It will be remarked, how, from a different dialectic conception corresponds to a different way to look at the aesthetic, its foundations and its citizen's right in the modernity.
In conclusion, some connecting lines are traced with the contemporaneity, that involve the actuality of the thought of the two Germans thinkers as well as the ability of being ahead of their time and give other development to their investigations.

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